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R&S CMU300 Universal Radio Communication Tester

  • R&S

  • CMU300


RF switching matrix/ front-end for easy adaptation to RF interface of DUT:
•RF1: In- / Output to connect high power BTS’s
•RF2: In- / Output to connect medium / low power BTS’s
•RF3 OUT: High power Output
•RF4 IN: Sensitive Input
RF analyser 100 KHz - 2.7 GHz:
•Selective power meter
•Spectrum analyser incl. selectable RBW’s and sophisticated trigger- and timing-functions (10 MHZ - 2.7GHz)
•Time domain measurements (Zero Span Mode)
RF generator 100 KHz - 2.7 GHz:
•Generation of CW signals
•Generation of SSB signals
•Generation of AM signals
Additional Functionality:
•IEEE interface
•RS-232-C interface
•2 PCMCIA slots
•Reference frequency IN- / Out-puts on rear panel
•New, sophisticated operational concept based on high resolution TFT colour display

The R&S CMU300 universal radio communication tester is a unique solution that combines high-speed, high-accuracy RF parametric testing with layer 1 signaling procedures.
•Extremely high-speed testing
•Highly accurate measurements
•Modular future-proof design
•Comprehensive spectrum analyzer and signal generator
•Layer 1 realtime processing

R&S CMU-K30                     Software option: GSM400 for R&S  CMU-B21
R&S CMU-K31                     Software option: GSM900 for R&S  CMU-B21 GSM900, R-GSM, E-GSM base station signaling / non-                                                                                    

R&S CMU-K32                     Software option: GSM1800 for R&S  CMU-B21 GSM1800 base station signaling/non-signaling test software
R&S CMU-K33                     Software option: GSM1900 for R&S  CMU-B21GSM1900 base station signaling/non-signaling test software
R&S CMU-K34                     Software option: GSM850 for R&S  CMU-B21 GSM850 base station signaling/non-signaling test software
R&S CMU-K36                     Software option: GT800 for R&S  CMU-B21 GT800 (Chinese Railway) base station signaling/non-signaling test                                                                 
R&S CMU-K41                     Software extension: 8PSK TX-TESTS and channelcoders R&S® CMU-K31 to -K36 required
R&S CMU-PK30                  Software option: GSM GT800 GSM850/900/1800/1900 includes R&S  CMU-K31-K36 GSM software package includes                                                  
R&S  CMU-K31 to -K36      Options for extended GSM/GPRS/EDGE Functions
R&S CMU-K37                     Software option: AMR test (GSM), R&S  CMU-K31 to -K36 required
R&S CMU-K38                     Software option: signaling channels (GSM/UL) with PSR bit pattern modulation
R&S CMU-K39                     Software option: MOC/MTC (circuit switched/TCH), R&S  CMU-K31 to -K36 required
R&S CMU-B71                     Hardware option: A(bis) interface unit E1/T1 protocol, R&S  CMU-B21 and R&S CMU-K3X required
R&S CMU-K75                     Software option: WCDMA TX test (3GPP/FDD/DL), R&S  CMU-U75 required
R&S CMU-K76                     Software option: WCDMA generator (3GPP/FDD/UL), R&S  CMU-B78 required
R&S CMU-K78                     Software option: BCH synchronisation and monitoring (3GPP FDD)
R&S CMU-B78                     Hardware option: layer 1 board for WCDMA
R&S CMU-K70                     Software option: DTCH BER analysis (3GPP/FDD/DL)
R&S CMU-K71                     Software option: RACH testing (3GPP FDD)
R&S CMU-K72                     Software option: HS-SCCH monitor and HSDPA throughput measurement, R&S® CMU-K78 required
R&S CMU-K73                     Software option: HSDPA stimulation, R&S  CMU-K78 and R&S  CMU-K72 required
R&S CMU-K77                     Software option: AWGN generator and simultaneous BER/BLER (3GPP/FDD/UL), R&S  CMU-K76 required
R&S CMU-K79                     Software option: HSDPA TX measurements (non-signaling, 3GPP/FDD/DL), R&S  CMU-K75 required
R&S CMU-Z1V4                   256 Mbyte memory card PCMCIA type 3; accessory for R&S  CMU200/300
R&S ZZA-311                       19" Rack Adapter
R&S  CMU200/300              DKD calibration including ISO 9000 calibration (order only with device)

R&S CMU300 Universal Radio Communication Tester                                                                                                                                                     USD750.00
Option: GSM850 900 1800 1900 Intel 650MB V4.23             
S/N: 10****    




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