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Youpin will buy kinds of 5G Wireless Communication Tester, Network  Analyzer, Siginal Generator,Signal and Spectrum Analyzer, UXR series Oscolliscope and other High-performance instruments for long time.



If you have any of below models, pls feel free to contact me!


Cecilia Wong
  TEL: 86-51268052191/86-15995704290

1. Wireless Communication Test

​● Keysight E7515B, E7515E

​● R&S CMX500

​● Anritsu MT8000A

​● VIAVI TM500

2.Signal and Spectrum Analyzer/ Siginal Generator

●R&S SMW200A
●R&S SMM100A
●Keysight M9384B
●Keysight E8257D E8267D
●R&S FSW26, FSW43, FSW50, FSW67, FSW85
●R&S FS-Z60, FS-Z75, FS-Z90, FS-Z110, FS-Z140, FS-Z170, FS-Z220, FS-Z325, FS-Z500
●Keysight N9020B, N9030B, N9040B, N9041B

3.Network Analyzer

​●Keysight N5249B, N5241B, N5242B, N5244B, N5245B, N5247B
​●Keysight N5221B, N5222B, N5224B, N5225B, N5227B
​●Keysight N5239B, N5231B, N5232B, N5234B, N5235B
​●Keysight N5290A, N5291A
​●R&S ZNA26, ZNA43, ZNA50, ZNA67
​●R&S ZC78, ZC90, ZC90E, ZC110, ZC140, ZC140, ZC170, ZC220, ZC260, ZC330, ZC500, ZC750, ZC1100

4.UXR series and other Oscolliscope

​●Keysight UXR0051AP, UXR0104A, UXR0134A, UXR0164A, UXR0204A, UXR0254A, UXR0334A,UXR0254AP, UXR0252AP, UXR0404A, UXR0404AP, UXR0402A, UXR0402AP, UXR0504A, UXR0502A, UXR0594A, UXR0594AP, UXR0592A, UXR0592AP, UXR0704A, UXR0702A, UXR0704AP, UXR0702AP, UXR0804A, UXR0802A, UXR1004A, UXR1002A, UXR1104A, UXR1102A
​●Keysight N1092A, N1092B, N1092C, N1092D, N1092E, N1094A, N1094B
​●Keysight 86100D, N1000A

5.Arbitrary Waveform Generator / High-performance BER

​●Keysight M8190A M8194A M8195A M8196A
​●Keysight M8040A,M8020A

6.Semiconductor Device Parameter Analyzer

​●Keysight B2901A, B2902A, B2911A, B2912A

​●Keysight B1500A

​●Keysight 4082A, 4082F, 4083A

7.In-Circuit Test Systems

●Keysight I3070



Keysight E7515B
Keysight N9040B
Keysight E8267D
Keysight N5247B
Keysight UXR0334A
Keysight I3070
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