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R&S FSIQ26 Signal Analyzer

  • R&S

  • FSIQ26


•20 Hz to 27 GHz
•Resolution bandwidth 1 MHz to 10 MHz in 1/2/3/5 steps
•5-pole resolution filters with high selectivity
•FFT filter with 1 Hz to 1 kHz RBW for fast measurements
•Displayed average noise floor typ.
•-150 dBm in 10 Hz bandwidth
•Third-order intercept +20 dBm with FSIQ 7, +22dBm with FSIQ26
•Phase noise -150 dBc/Hz at 5 MHz offset
•75 dB ACPR dynamic range for W-CDMA (4.096 MHz integration BW)

This is a Rohde & Schwarz FSIQ26 20 Hz to 26.5 Ghz Signal Analyzer with options B4 (Low Phase Noise), B5 (FFT Bandwidth 1hz - 1Khz) & B7 (Vector Signal Analysis). It was just calibrated in February of 2012 and comes with a fresh ANSI Z540 certificate of calibration. The Rohde FSIQ is the one box solution in signal analysis. Spectrum analysis with ultrawide dynamic range for sophisticated ACPR measurements: NF = 15 dB/ TOI = +20 dBm (FSIQ7) Integrated vector signal analyzer for universal analysis of digital and analog modulated signals BPSK to 16QAM, (G)MSK, AM, FM, PM Vector signal analyzer for W-CDMA/3GPP Symbol rate up to 6.4 Msymbol/s High-speed synthesizer with 5 ms sweep time for FULL SPAN (FSIQ 3/7) High display update rate up to 25 sweeps/s Large colour display with high resolution (24 cm/9.5" TFT) 75 dB ACPR for Wideband-CDMA 82 dB ACPR in alternate channel for Wideband-CDMA True RMS detector for precise and repeatable measurements of any signal type.



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