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Keysight(Agilent) 4291A RF Impedance/Material Analyzer

  • Keysight(Agilent)

  • 4291A


·Broad frequency coverage from 1 MHz to 1.8 GHz for testing RF compenents and materials
·Frequency resolution: 1 mHz
·Improved measurement accuracy and repeatability over an impedance range of 0.1 Ω to 50 kΩ
·OSC levels
Voltage range: 0.2 mVrms to 1 Vrms
Current range: 4 µArms to 20 mArms
Power range: 67 dBm to 7 dBm
DC bias (Option 001)
DC voltage level: 0 to ±40 V
DC current level: 20 µA to 100 mA, 20 µA to 100 mA
DC level resolution: 1 mV, 20 µA
Surface mount device (SMD) test fixtures for different sizes of chip capacitors and inductors
·Dielectric test fixture and built-in function for measuring permittivity, including Cole-Cole plot relaxation time (with Option 002 and the 16453A)
·Magnetic test fixture and built-in function for measuring permeability of ferrite material (with Option 002 and 16454A)
·Direct impedance and material parameter measurement versus time, humidity, or temperature (with Option IC2 and an external temperature chamber)
·Evaluate components with dc bias up to ±100 mA and ±40 V (with Option 001)
·Monitor test signals applied to the DUTs
·Simulate a component with equivalent circuit analysis
·Store the measurement data and analyzer settings on the DOS and LIF compatible 1.4 MB flexible disk drive and RAM disk memory
·Markers and marker utilities
·Limit lines for go/no-go testing
Parameter: Frequency, OSC level (voltage), DC bias voltage/current
Setup: Start Stop, Center Span
Type: Linear, Log, Zero-span, List
Mode: Continuous, Single, Manual, Number of groups
Direction: Up sweep, Down sweep
Number of measuring points: 2 to 801 points
Averaging: Sweep average, Point average
Delay time: Point delay time, Sweep delay time
Calibration functions: Open/Short/50 Ω calibration, Low loss calibration
·Compensation functions: Open/Short/Load compensation, Port extension, Electric length
·External reference input
Frequency: 10 MHz (typical)
Level: >-6 dBm (typical)
Internal reference output
Frequency: 10 MHz (nominal)
Level: 2 dBm (typical)
External trigger input
Level: TTL
Pulse width: >2 µs (typical)
Display: Color CRT, 7.5 inch, 512 x 400 resolution, 2 channels; single, dual split or overwrite, graphic, tabular; 1 trace/channel for measurement, 16 traces/channel for memory
·HP-IB interface: SH1, AH1, T6, TE0, L4, LE0, SR1, RL1, PP0, DC1, DT1, C1, C2, C3, C4, C11, E2
·Connector type: APC7



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